Guide to Finding Extra Long Zippers from Zipper Shipper


It is possible for our clients to buy extra long zippers from us. These are zippers that can be ordered specifically for clothing and outdoor equipment such as camping tents. Whether you require extra long and heavy duty zippers or even shorter zippers, you can always find these on our website. You will also be able to find zipper pulls appropriate for these extra long zippers.

For instance, we stock the Gauge 5 extra long zippers that are made of brass. These can be used for sleeping bags and other items that would require such strong kind of zippers. This kind of extra long zipper comes in white and black colors and you can buy them in any length, up to 108 inches.

We also have the aluminum Gauge 10 extra long zipper. This one comes in black and it is a separating zipper that can be used for heavy duty needs such as for sleeping bags and even tents. This is a jumbo heavy duty zipper that comes in many lengths, up to 108 inches. Get this zipper from $16.99. To find more information and to make an order, visit – blazer buttons website and you will not be disappointed with our wide range of zippers and other sewing accessories.

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